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MSN 2319


This notice issued to all Seafarers, Masters, Maritime Training Institutions, Shipowners, Shipping Agents, Miscellaneous Port Services, Merchant Navy Officers’ Association of Tanzania (MNOAT), Tanzania Seafarers Union (TASU), Seafarers Engagement and Placement Service Companies, and the General Seafaring Community.


The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW Convention) 1978 as amended including Manila 2010 Amendment is implemented in the United Republic of Tanzania by the Merchant Shipping (Training, Certification and Manning )Regulations, 2016.

Part III of the Regulations especially regulations 31, 32 and 35 details the procedure for oral examinations, which assess a candidate’s knowledge. Oral examination shall be conducted by the Board of Examiners to ascertain candidates’ competency in practical aspect of an officer’s duty.

2.0Requirement for Oral Examinations

Oral examinations cover both deck and engine officer for operational and management level in respect to following certificates of competence to be issued upon successful pass of the examinations:

i.Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch Near-Coastal on ships less than 500GT -STCW Regulation II/3.4;

ii.Master on ships less than 500GT Near-Coastal Voyages- STCW Regulation II/3.6;

iii.Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch on ships of 500 GT or more-STCW Regulation II/1;

iv.Chief Mate on Ships up to 3000 GT -STCW Regulation II/2.4;

v.Master on Ships up to 3000 GT -STCW Regulation II/2.4;

vi.Chief Mate -STCW Regulation II/2;

vii. Master -STCW Regulation II/2;

viii.Electro-technical Officer -STCW Regulation III/6;

ix.Officer in charge of Engineering Watch on ships less than 750kW (Domestic);

x.Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch on ships up to 750 kW or more-STCW Regulation III/1;

xi.Second Engineer Officer on Ships up to 3000 kW -STCW Regulation III/3;

xii. Chief Engineer Officer on Ships up to 3000 kW- STCW Regulation III/3;

xiii.Second Engineer Officer -STCW Regulation III/2; and

xiv.Chief Engineer Officer -STCW Regulation III/2.

3.0Oral Examination Schedule

Registrar of Seafarers hereby issue a Marine Shipping Notice to all applicants who are eligible to sit for oral examinations that, Oral Examinations will be conducted on quarterly basis in a year;

(i)first quarter is on March;

(ii)second quarter is on June;

(iii)third quarter on September; and

(iv)fourth quarters is in December.

4.0Guidance for Oral Examination

4.1Oral Examination will be published in TASAC website with information aboutthe dates, time and places of examination

4.2A candidate for oral examination shall apply by submitting a duly completed application form obtained though TASAC website http://www.tasac.go.tzwhich shall be submitted at least twenty one (21) days before the date proposed for oral examination.

4.3The application shall be accompanied by the relevant supplementary documents specified in the oral examination application form.

4.4All candidates are required to be aware of the Tanzania Shipping Agencies Act, 2017, Merchant Shipping Act, 2003 and Merchant Shipping (Training, Certification and Manning) Regulations, 2016.

4.5A candidate without reasonable excuse fail to appear for oral examination at appointed time and place may be failed by default.

4.6Candidates should appear neat and clean.

Registrar of Seafarers,

Tanzania Shipping Agencies Corporation (TASAC),

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Tel: +255 22 2127314

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