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Mjumbe wa Bodi
Said A. Nzori
Mjumbe wa Bodi




To become a smart, creative and experienced Parliamentary Draftsman who is able to contribute and influence delivery of quality and prudent legal advices, drafting and translation of laws and other legal instruments within the Public Service, East African Community, SADC and other regional and international organisations.



(i)Full Name: Said Ally Nzori

(ii)Date of Birth: 15th November, 1963.

(iii)Place of Birth: Tanga, Tanzania.

(iv)Marital Status: Married.

(v)Languages: Kiswahili, English, Russian and Swedish.

(vi)Occupation: Principal Parliamentary Draftsman (Assistant Director – Legal Translation Unit)- Attorney Generals Chambers.

(vii)Nationality: Tanzanian.



I am a holder of a Bachelor Degree in Law from the Peoples Friendship University (Russian Federation). I also hold a Masters Degree in Commercial Laws (International Trade) from the Russian People’s Friendship University – Russian Federation.I further, hold a diploma in Translation from the latter University.The Bachelor Degree enable me to work as a qualified lawyer, while the Masters Degree has equipped me with strong knowledge in International trade, particularly in Performance in International Sales Contracts.

The Diploma in Translation and numerous short and long courses in Legislative Drafting within and outside the country has transformed and consolidated my knowledge in translation and drafting of statutes, and giving quality legal advises to the Government, Government Departments, various authorities and agencies, regional and international bodies.



(i)LLM( Hons) at Russian People’s Friendship University – Moscow Russia (1993-1995).

(ii)LLB at People’s Friendship University – Moscow Russia (1987-1993).

(iii)Diploma in Translation (Theory and Practice of Translation) at Peoples Friendship University-Moscow Russia( Sept. 1993-April 1995).

(iv)National Service at Ruvu –Mgulani Camps (1986-1987)

(v)Advance Level Secondary School- Minaki Secondary School, Coast Region (1984-1986).

(vi)Ordinary Level Secondary School-Kigurunyembe Secondary School, Morogoro Region (1980-1983).

(vii)Primary Education-Kiwanja Cha Ndege Primary School, Morogoro Region (1972 -1979)



(i)Certificate in Policy Preparation and Translation of Policy into Law – Manzini, Swaziland (2012).

(ii)Certificate in Legislative Drafting on Laws Related to Investment Contracts in Extractive Sector, 2009 (Tanzania Zanzibar);

(iii)Certificate in Conciliation, Arbitration and Grievance Handling – CAPITAL GROUP, London, UK (May 2007).

(iv)Certificate in Workforce Management (Institute of Public Administration of Canada – IPAD) Toronto, Canada (July, 2006).

(v)Certificate in Drafting Laws Relating to HIV/AIDS – FUTURES GROUP – Washington, USA (April-May 2004).

(vi)Certificate in Legislative Drafting – RIPA International, London, UK. (Sept – Nov. 2003).

(vii)Certificate in Self Assessment Training, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 2003;

(viii)Certificate in Basic International Legislative Drafting - University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (August – October 2002).

(ix)Certificate in International Legislative Drafting - Loyola and Tulane Universities – New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (June 2001).



(i)Assistant Parliamentary Draftsman (1999 – 2007) Primary duties: Giving legal advices/opinions, drafting and translating principal and subsidiary legislation.Preparing and translating resolutions.Attending various Standing (Sectoral) Committees meetings of, and the National Assembly Sessions.

(ii)Senior Parliamentary Draftsman – Assistant Director (From 2008). Primary Duties: Heading Translation Unit, supervising junior staff and matters relating thereto. Drafting complicated principal and subsidiary legislation.Translating principal and subsidiary legislation. Advising the Government on various legal matters. Attending the National Assembly Sessions and presenting Government Bills and resolutions before the Standing (Sectoral) Committees of the National Assembly.

(iii)Working as a member/representing the Attorney General in various boards/committees/commissions and prob-teams, to mention a few:

(a)member of EAC Task Force on Approximation of Municipal Laws (2005-2009);

(b)member of LAPF Pension Fund Board of Trustees (2009-2014);

(c)member of the Pharmacy Council of Tanzania (2009-2015);

(d)member of Wildlife Block Allocation Committee (Kamati ya Ugawaji Vitalu vya Uwindaji) (2011-2013);

(e)member in various EAC and SADC Expert Teams.

(f)Member of the Ocean Road Cancer Institute Board of Trustees (2011 – 2018); and

(g)researcher/draftsman – Tume ya Mabadiliko ya Katiba (Tume ya Warioba) (2013 – 2014).

(iv)I have briefly guest lectured Legislative Drafting at the Law School of Tanzania.Currently, I conduct On Job Trainings to various staff in Public Service on matters relating to Legislative Drafting and Legislative Process in Tanzania.



I have attended various On Job Trainings and attachments organised by the Government and international bodies within and outside the country (to mention a few) on matters relating to:

(a)prevention and combating of corruption (Tanzania);

(b)cyber crimes (Tanzania Zanzibar);

(c)prevention and combating of HIV/AIDS through legal, public health and human rights methods (USA, Vietnam and the Philippines);

(d)grievances handling within the Public Service (United Kingdom and Canada);

(e)health insurance within the Public Service (the Philippines);

(f)Risk Management and Role of the Board of Trustees to the pension funds (the Phillipines, Malaysia and Dubai);

(g)drafting of contracts relating to mining and other natural resources (Tanzania Zanzibar);

(h)management of natural resources and environment in SADC countries (South Africa and Mozambique);

(i)Workforce Management (Talent Creation, Ethics and Termination of Employment) in Public Service (Canada);

(j)workers welfare and remittance by nationals living abroad (Diaspora) (France); and

(k)Salient Features of Gas and Petroleum Laws of Tanzania (Tanzania).



(i)I am trustworthy, reliable and hardworking.

(ii)I am able to learn from, inspire, motivate and transfer my knowledge to, other members of the Public Service and public in general, in various settings and environments.

(iii)I believe in:

(a)team work;


(c)transparency; and




(i)Skills in Preparation and Debating Government Bills-Difficulties and the Way Forward (Co- Authored).

(ii)Skills in Preparation and Debating Private Members Bills.

(iii)Nafasi ya Sera Katika Kusimamia Matumizi Endelevu yaRasilimali za Maliasili.

(iv)Legislative Process in Mainland Tanzania.



(i)Date of First Appointment : 2 August 1999.

(ii)Date of Confirmation : 2 September 2001.

(iii)Present Designation : Assistant Director (Legal Translation).

(iv)Date of Appointmentto present position: 16 December 2008.



(i)Casmir S. Kyuki (Executive Secretary, Tanzania Law Reform Commission) 0754271618.

Aziz H. Kifile (Assistant Accountant General-Ministry of Finance and Planining) 0754 694794.