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Mjumbe wa Bodi
Cassian H. Ng’amilo
Mjumbe wa Bodi

Mjumbe wa Bodi



Shipping and Port Consultant



Cassian H. Ng’amilo









i)1983 – 1986 Advance Diploma in Business Administration: Institute of Development Management – Mzumbe

ii)1993 – 1994 Diploma in Professional Shipping: Norwegian Shipping Academy– Oslo

iii)1994 – 1995 Master of Science International Shipping)-University of Plymouth, U.K



ii)1991 Certificate in Forwarding: Prodec – Helsinki School of Economics;

iii)1994 Certificate in Maritime Law- Oslo

iv)1998 Post Experience Certificate in Shipping – Durban;

v)1994 – 1995 Global Leadership Development Program – Richard Ivey School of Business & Rotterdam School of Management- a ‘’HPH’’ one year organized leadership course for group container terminal managers involving high exposure to other group terminals like Hongkong, Felixstowe, Rotterdam e.t.c.

vi)September 2014 Certificate in Project Cargo Management.





















FROM Jan 2013


to date

Working as a private Consultant in Port Operations and International Shipping and Logistics for a number of shipping, transport and port related service providers. (Clearing and Forwarding, ICDs/CFS, Shipping Line sand Government Institutions). Consultancy work done includes;

a.Study on the emerging practice under RO-RO cargo consolidation and de-consolidation business in Tanzania for SUMATRA - 2017

b.Preparation of Operations manual for TASAC business portfolio form November 2018 to

–February 2019

i.Preparation of Shipping agency Import and Export Documentation control, ship and cargo operation procedures for Tanzania shipping Agency Corporation (TASAC) November, 2018- February 2019

ii.Preparation of container monitoring procedures for Tanzania shipping Agency Corporation (TASAC)November, 2018- February 2019

iii.Preparation of Import and Export Freight forwarding Internal operations procedures for Tanzania shipping Agency Corporation (TASAC)

November, 2018-February 2019

iv.Preparation of Inbound and Outbound Tallying procedures for Tanzania shipping Agency Corporation (TASAC) November, 2018- February 2019

v.Preparation of Principal’s Accounts procedures for Tanzania shipping Agency Corporation November, 2018- February 2019

vi.Preparation of shipping agency operation guidelines for Shipping Agency Software development for Tanzania shipping Agency Corporation (TASAC) November, 2018- February 2019

b.Preparation of Training program for TASAC staff Designated for Shipping agency business, clearing and forwarding and Cargo Tallying for Tanzania Shipping Agency (TASAC) February-April 2019.

c.Training of Shipping agency business, clearing and forwarding and Cargo Tallying Managers and Senior staffs for Tanzania Shipping Agency (TASAC) –2019

d.Preparation of Curriculum for Shipping Diploma and Degree courses planned to be introduced at National Institute of Transport (NIT)- January 2020.

e.Evaluation of Shipping and Port Operation course curriculum for Bandari College for NACTE- 2020

f.Training of for Shipping agency business Staff or Tanzania Shipping Agency (TASAC)-

January 2021

g.Study on the state of shipping and logistics along the east African coast & western

Indian ocean islands: current status, freight rates to and from east Africa ports, destination charges, challenges and opportunities for Intergovernmental Standing Committee on Shipping (ISCOS)-2020

h. Study and organization of establishment of a number of Dry ports in Tanzania including development of tailor made software capable of communicating container movement with Shipping lines, Terminals and other stakeholders for Dry port operations. 2013-To date.


Tanzania Ports Authority

July 2010

Jan 2013

Nov 2010–Aug 2012: Port Manager – Dar es Salaam Port

July 09-Oct 2010: Assistant Port Manager (Operations) – Dares Salaam Port (Tanzania Ports Authority-TPA)

Remarkable work done at TPA is a success in improving the Port Operational performance by introducing remarkable process changes in the following :

i)Facilitate General Cargo Terminal to handle container ships more efficiently which attracted more shipping lines to General Cargo Terminal (TPA) hence increasing TPA share of handling containers from 5% in 2009 to 30% in 2012,and overall Dar es Salaam Port capacity to handle containers which has resulted in controlling container vessel congestion as it is prevailing today.

ii)Process changes in RO/ RO ships operations which enabled improvement in quay productivity from less than 20 vehicles per hour to more than 100 vehicles per hour. Dar es Salaam Port is in now ranked high in Motor vehicle handling among regional ports. The process also reduced pilferage of vehicle parts, a long time problem at the Port of Dar es Salaam through introduction of special pilferage controlling stickers.

iii)Designed and coordinated the formation of ICD for motor vehicles in 2010 as per government directive.

iv)Designed and implemented proper layout of the port by separating operations and non- operations areas for efficient and safe operation of the port.

v)Spearheaded the computerization of Cargo clearance process (Cargo & Billing system) which involved process improvement by eliminating a number of unproductive stages and documents e.g. D&DO in the process. The process improvement enabled;

a.High speed in cargo clearance in the port after receipt of all relevant documents from customer from two days to an average of 7 hours.

b.Introduction of Direct delivery cargo such as steel products, bagged cargo and

hence reduction in dwell time for such cargo from days to hours as well as quay

productivity. The achievement and enabled use of the space formally occupied by such cargo for handling more containers

vi)With the assistance of USAID COMPETE, facilitated the formation of ‘’ONE STOP SHOP’’ at Dar es Salaam Port where different government controlling authorities operate sunder one roof hence reduce time waste for importers and exporters to move from one institution to another formally situated far apart within the city.

vii)Created One Stop Centre for export cargo at EX NASACO yard to solve the long problem of Ship delays due to delays in delivery of exports documents and cargo to the port.


Tanzania International Container Terminal Services (TICTS)

FROM: Dec 2002


March 2009

a)Jan 2009 - Mar 2009 Operation Consultant – Development – TICTS

b)2007 – 2008 Terminal Manager - Development – TICTS

c)2004 -2006 Terminal Manager – TICTS

d)2003 -2004 Operations Manager – TICTS

e)2002 –2003 Trainee Operation Manager – Tanzania International Container Terminal Services Co. Limited (Dar es Salaam Container Terminal Operator -TICTS)

Remarkable work done at TICTS includes:

i)Spearheaded of process improvements by combining Shipping and Port operation knowledge and experience and also automation by customizing substantial part of processes; Ships and Yard planning, simplification of import and export process, automation of company revenue collection, the efforts which led to TICTS success story beginning 2003 in both ships and yard performance when it was a leading Container Terminal in Sub-Sahara Africa. This resulted into making Dar es Salaam the Hub port for the region during the 2003 – 2006 period, when cargo from Mozambique and all Indian Ocean Islands ( Comoro, Mauritius, Mahe, etc) were transshipped through Dar es Salaam port.

ii)Involved in multi modal project study in UK in 2005 with other HPH group staffs from other group Terminals which resulted in HPH investing in multi billion rail project from Felixstowe Port to inland destinations.

iii)Vast contribution to the success introduction of ASYCUDA++ by TRA in 2005 and elimination of D&DO document for the first time in cargo clearance process.

iv)Spearheaded container de-congesting operations during the unprecedented Ships and Container congestion at Dar Port during the period 2007 - 2009.

v)Designing and coordinating the operation of Inland Container Depots (ICD) following the Port congestion in 2007.


Ocean Shipping Agencies Co Ltd

FROM: 1998


Nov 2002

1998 – 2002 General Manager – Oceanic Shipping Agencies Co. Ltd – Subsidiary of NASACO


National Shipping Agencies Company Ltd (NASACO)

FROM: 1987

TO: 1998

i)1996 – 1998 Shipping Division Manager– NASACO;

ii)1991 -1993 Senior Shipping Manager – NASACO;

iii)1990 – 1991 Freight Forwarding and Transport Manager – NASACO

iv)1989 – 1990 Shipping Manager – NASACO

v)1988 – 1989 Assistant Shipping Manager– NASACO

1987 – 1988 Management Trainee – National Shipping Agencies Co. Limited (NASACO)



General port, shipping, forwarding and logistics involvement

vi)At different times while at NASACO worked as agent for all Shipping companies, ranging from liner to tramp operators attending general cargo vessels, car carriers, tankers, bulk vessels and container vessels.

vii)Worked as a Freight Forwarding Manager responsible for forwarding and managing fleet of NASACO trucks.

viii)Member of various port/shipping/Customs clearance Committees;

ix)Dar es Salaam Port Container Dwell Time Committee; Since 1989

x)Southern Corridor Development Committee; Coordinating Food Aid for Zambia 1991- 1992

xi)Involved in almost all Dar es Salaam Corridor Joint Marketing Committees since 1989

xii)Import Clearance Documentation Simplification Committee- Tanzania Investors Road Map (USAID) 1992.

xiii)Tanzania Country Committee – East Africa Transport Initiative – (USAID) 1995

xiv)Custom’s Agency Licensing Panel 1995 –1999.

xv)ISAKA DRY PORT Development Committee (Technical Team)as an expert in Combined Transport Operations and the associated documentation

xvi)Involved in Financial and Operational review of Marine Shipping Company (MSC) as

Shipping expert in 2001 which resulted in separation of Marine and Port services in 2004/2005.

xvii)Transport Coordinating Committee Tanzania & Rwanda involving development of simplified procedures for on-carriage of containers under through Bills of Lading to ISAKA.

xviii) Dar es Salaam Port Advisory Committee

xix)Involved in corridor initiatives; Central and Southern Corridors as active member.

xx)Board Member of Marine Shipping Company (MSC) from 2012 to 2015.